eStress – Nondestructive Residual Stress Assessment System  – G2MT presents the revolutionary eStress™ system for nondestructive pipeline stress assessment in through-thickness. eStress was developed with support from a DOT SBIR award for the development of new methods to characterize residual stress in pipeline damage regions. For more info, see our DOT PHMSA project website. To learn more about how we can help you nondestructively evaluate stress in damage regions, contact us today!

Materials Condition Assessment Technologies

G2MT offers unique capabilities for measuring hydrogen, microstructure, residual stress, materials aging, and for ongoing assessment of materials state awareness by permanent or semi-permanent installation. The unique nondestructive testing capabilities include both contact and non-contact measurements developed by G2MT allow accurate determination of these crucial material properties. We measure these values through in-situ measurements in a variety of operating environments. Materials condition assessment can be applied in many advanced materials applications to provide significantly improved safety and efficiency, reduced downtime, and enable improved economic, environmental, and operating conditions. In combination with our metallurgical engineering and consulting services, our team can effectively support projects of all sizes.

How Do We Do It?

We incorporate unique proprietary nondestructive and destructive testing techniques of our own with existing tools and traditional metallurgical techniques to perform a more thorough analysis of materials than has ever been possible before. By combining leading-edge mathematical, physics, and materials science theory and practices, we extract data from some of the worlds most complex material environments to provide quantitative measurements. Through the use of electromagnetic techniques, we can achieve long-range penetration and through-thickness measurements that are unparalleled. To learn more, give us a ring at 888-308-9084 and we can provide you detailed information on our capabilities in your field of interest.


What Areas Are We In?

G2MT operates in markets including oil and gas, nuclear, coal, renewable energies, refineries, welding and joining, defense, and more. Additionally, G2MT works with best-in-class partners to offer services including RBI and FFS program implementation through G2MT Labs. For more information about how we can help you understand and measure hydrogen, residual stress, aging, and materials state, please contact us today at 888-308-9084!

*™ – eDentify and eStress are trademarks of G2MT LLC