Discussing the Future of NDE at API Inspection Summit 2015

G2MT will be discussing the future of NDE, with a focus on in-service pipeline damage evaluation, at the 2015 API Inspection summit. Dr. Angelique Lasseigne presents paper #77 at the API Inspection Summit on January 28, 2015 at 10:30 AM. The title of the talk is “NDE for Detection and Evaluation of In‐Service Pipeline Damage” and the abstract is:

“Mechanical damage is the leading cause of pipeline failures. Current non‐destructive inspection technologies are successful at finding and characterizing mechanically damaged regions on pipelines, however the affect of the mechanical damage on pipeline integrity still needs to be properly addressed. The residual stresses associated with mechanical damage can be modeled however the variables such as hydrogen accumulation in the damaged region are not accounted for giving an incorrect assessment of the integrity of the pipeline. To determine the actual state or condition of a mechanically damaged pipeline, an electromagnetic system has been developed and is presented here to measure through thickness residual stresses associated with the mechanically damaged region. Quantified residual stress analysis of the mechanical damaged region would provide a means to assess the severity of the damage while reducing the amount of unnecessary removal and repair applications.”

We look forward to seeing some of you there and if you have any input on the future of NDE, please comment below!

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