Gen 2

G2MT B and White‘Generation 2’ or ‘Gen 2’ of materials inspection is proactive maintenance: in short, it is finding problems before they occur.

G2MT is developing Gen 2 technologies that offer:

  • New methods for analyzing material properties
  • Real insight into material properties, allowing for powerful proactive inspection and maintenance.
  • 3D assessment – all the way through most materials – and mapping of changes across the depth.
  • Continuous monitoring that can be tracked easily over time.
  • Smart alerts and reports to help make better decisions.

What is ‘Generation 2’ materials science?

Generation 2 materials science refers to the movement from traditional linear or first-order approximations of materials science to assessment of higher-order phenomena that become increasingly common in the advanced materials including nanomaterials, composites, high-performance traditional materials (high-strength steels, etc.), welds and joints, and many other advanced applications. G2MT is at the forefront of developing the next generation of materials science and technology. Welds, for example, exhibit a very complex microstructure that includes multiple regions with varied properties. These different regions exhibit substantially different cracking, corrosion, and materials properties.

Generation 2 Materials Technology, G2MT, is leading the development of the ‘Gen 2’ paradigm of materials characterization to fundamentally change the way that materials are assessed and monitored. The traditional ‘Gen 1’ paradigm of nondestructive testing focused on finding cracks and defects, requiring extraordinary amounts of efforts with varied levels of success.

Using new techniques we have developed for analyzing such structures, we are providing new insights into the properties and performance of materials that are guiding the development of a new generation of models to describe materials behavior.

Using ‘Gen 2’ materials evaluation practices, G2MT focuses on quantitatively assessing (providing an exact value) the properties which lead to cracks and failures. By knowing and monitoring these values, it is possible to move from reactive/predictive maintenance to proactive maintenance. This new way of understanding materials can result in dramatic improvements in safety, efficiency, and cost.

Metals like steel and titanium are the backbone of modern industry; they are the materials of choice in many applications but are often limited in service life due to corrosion and extreme operating conditions. There are very limited existing capabilities to measure the microstructure and properties of these materials and they are often subject to excessive and unnecessary replacement to stay well within the predicted lifetime. For example, titanium often builds up hydrogen and can become embrittled, resulting in dangerous and expensive failures of critical systems.

Advanced Solutions for Materials Characterization

G2MT offers advanced solutions for in-situ materials characterization that provides assessment of aging, residual stress, precipitate and interstitial content, hydrogen sensing, fuel cell characterization, and more. These tools can potentially expand the service life of your materials, improve safety, and reduce unnecessary replacements.

G2MT focuses on solving challenging materials issues to improve the integrity and extend the service life of materials in critical applications. Our technologies provide solutions for analysis of power plants, refineries, pipelines, and more through new methods for assessing aging, welds, failures, corrosion, and more.

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