Aerospace NDE Services for Metallurgical Condition Monitoring
Aerospace NDE Services for Metallurgical Condition Monitoring of Advanced Systems

Nondestructive Testing for Aerospace Applications

G2MT offers new technologies for characterizing aerospace materials and structures that may ultimately contribute to our ability to reach Mars and beyond. It starts with our G2MT Metallurgical Condition Monitoring systems, the basis for finding and monitoring changes in metals over time.
Our nondestructive materials characterization technology for pressure vessels were developed with a focus on vessels for space applications. In space, the challenges include the extremely low-temperature and pressure, extreme radiation, and micro-metoroids with the power of bombs. One day, continuous monitoring robots may constantly walk the sides of spacecraft pressure vessels performing materials assessments and meticulously cataloging their results. This technology could play a significant role in securing the safe transit of a spacecraft to Mars or beyond.
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Our Testing Laboratory Partner, G2MT LabsAirplane Landing Gear NDE
Back here on earth, we also perform a wide range of materials characterization and qualification, failure analysis, and other metallurgical and materials analysis for military and commercial aerospace applications. Our precision metallurgical testing laboratory and expert materials testing staff are here to help. G2MT Labs offers metallurgical analysis and on-site testing for aerospace materials such as pressure vessels, tubing, piping, turbine components, and more, including metallurgical inspection, fitness-for-service, RBI, materials qualification, and more.