Materials Condition Assessment Technologies

See inside your materials with the world’s first proactive materials assessment technologies from G2MT.

We provide deeper insight than ever possible, helping to assure safer and more efficient operations than ever before. Materials play a critical role in virtually every major industry, but while modern materials have greatly evolved, the ability to assess those materials is still catching up. G2MT is at the leading-edge of materials condition assessment technologies, providing deeper insights into materials than was ever previously possible. G2MT’s unique testing capabilities are based upon the use of cutting-edge electromagnetic technologies that provide quantitative measurements of the materials properties of interest.

In other words: G2MT offers a method to determine the real integrity of materials in many applications where it is unknown and thus dramatically improve safety and reduce failures.

G2MT provides tools that allow precise quantitative measurement of material properties, and can even do 3-dimensional mapping through the materials without even touching it. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for how we make, fabricate, weld, install, and maintain materials in virtually every industry. Condition assessment is finally catching up with materials development.

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