Next-Generation Materials Characterization

G2MT focuses on materials characterization technologies to save you money, improve your safety record, and reduce your downtime. Our next-generation contact and non-contact nondestructive testing (NDT) techniques (including electromagnetic, thermoelectric, and other advanced measurement practices) go beyond crack and defect detection to catch problems before cracks can ever form.
The root cause of cracking is often related to hydrogen, stresses, or processing errors that are virtually impossible to detect with existing techniques. With G2MT’s cutting-edge NDE technologies, these critical properties can finally be measured throughout a materials lifetime.
The benefits include:
  • improved materials integrity,
  • extended materials life,
  • better modelling,
  • more efficient operation, and
  • reduced downtime.
In the energy sector, for instance, these benefits have the potential to provide 100’s of billions of dollars in savings per year globally, while reducing pollution, improving energy availability and reliability, and helping your operate more effectively.
G2MT’s non-contact through-thickness measurements are a leap beyond the current state-of-the-art in materials characterization. The information we provide through these unique testing technologies is often complimented by RBI and/or fitness-for-service testing, with a focus in optimizing the long-term integrity of your applications.
Our advanced metallurgical lab at G2MT Laboratories ( in Houston, Texas allows us to perform the precision analysis needed to assess a variety of materials, both using standard specifications such as ASME, NACE, and API, or through customized approaches to meet customer needs. Our inspection teams can perform in-situ destructive and nondestructive testing to support your materials analysis needs.
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