Chemical Processing / Refineries

NDE of Storage Tanks in Chemical Processing PlantG2MT is your solution for rapid testing and analysis of critical components in the chemical processing industry. Chemical refineries rely extensively on high-performance materials like titanium and stainless steel for many critical applications; when these fail, the downtime costs can be millions of dollars a day and usually dwarf the actual materials cost.

Titanium Hydriding Analysis

The unpredictable nature of hydrogen embrittlement results in a wide range of failures that are preventable using G2MT’s unique monitoring technologies. Existing practices for testing for hydrogen embrittlement are very rudimentary, such as the wrench test, where a wrench is used to clamp on the tube to determine if it is brittle, and the hammer test, where a hammer is used to tap it to check for embrittlement. G2MT’s Titanium Condition Sensor provides a quantitative measurement of hydrogen and hydriding that gives a much more accurate and useful method for maintaining your critical applications. The ability to map the hydriding around a plant can drastically reduce the unpredictable failures that occur because of the current lack of identification or monitoring capabilities.

Metallurgical Consulting and Failure Analysis for Refineries and Chemical Processing Plants

G2MT provides cutting-edge sensors; our partner lab offers expert metallurgical analysis for refineries and chemical processing plants: metallurgical analysis, fitness-for-service, RBI, materials qualification, and more). When NDE identifies something, we can confirm the details. For more info, please contact the lab or call 832-582-4170!