Nuclear Industry

NDT of Nuclear Vessels, Casks, Piping, and StructuresNuclear piping corrosion

G2MT offers rapid nondestructive testing and inspection of materials for nuclear applications. Materials used in these applications often require extra attention and care to ensure their integrity because of the high consequences of failure. Our nuclear materials experts work on a variety of challenging problems in the nuclear industry involving material testing, NDT, R&D, and metallurgical consulting.

Materials for the nuclear industry play an increasingly important role in the modern energy industry and global defense. G2MT provides advanced nondestructive materials qualification, failure analysis, and inspection of nuclear materials. Our customers include the Department of Energy, national labs, and other important players in the nuclear industry.

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Expertise for Metallurgy Analysis and Consulting:

We work with the experts at G2MT Labs to provide metallurgical analysis and on-site testing for the nuclear industry, including metallurgical consulting and analysis, failure analysis, materials qualification, component and vessel inspection, and more. You can reach them at 832-582-4170!