Oil and Gas

Pipeline residual stress analysis G2MT has its roots in the oil and gas industry. It all started with our hydrogen sensor for pipelines, and now we offer several unique, powerful services for pipeline and pressure vessel analysis.

Services offered:

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Hydrogen Effects of Pipelines

Why worry about hydrogen? Within one year of installation, the hydrogen content in pipelines can double or triple, and after 10 years the content has usually increased 10 times or more. Hydrogen then accumulates at regions of high stress, such as welds and dents, further contributing to the deterioration of these areas until finally it plays a critical role in cracking and failure. G2MT offers the first technology capable of through-thickness hydrogen assessment, to help find and prevent hydrogen-related failures before they occur.



R&D for Our Next NDT Services

Our R&D team is hard at work developing unique new methods for monitoring pipelines, risers, and other critical components, both onshore and offshore. These new technologies will drastically improve the safety and capabilities of the oil and gas industry and particularly the pipeline market.


Our Partner for Metallurgy

G2MT Labs offers metallurgical analysis and on-site testing for the oil and gas and energy production markets,  including metallurgical consulting and analysis, offshore failure analysis, materials qualification, pipeline inspection, and more.